LAV'A BELLE - Lavender aperitif

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# GOLD at the World Spirits International Trophy 2022 #

Lav'a Belle Apéritif the lavender liqueur for every occasion and consists of only the best, hand-picked ingredients.

0.7L | 18% Vol | with dye - Vegan

You walk through the lavender fields and herb gardens of Provence, while on the Côte d'Azur a gentle breeze brings you aromas of fresh lemons and vanilla. The Lav'a Belle lavender liqueur, the aperitif of savoir-vivre, is created from this composition of the best ingredients and the region's unique attitude to life. The first and so far the only one in its category.

Quality you can taste.

All ingredients come from handpicked suppliers with the highest standards and from France or Germany, the only exception being the bourbon vanilla from Madagascar (although they also speak French).

The most important ingredient is of course the finest lavender blossoms from French Provence, untreated and carefully processed. Characteristic on the nose and a little later on the palate. Added to this are vanilla, fine citrus notes from Menton, the world capital of lemons, and a special blend of over 40 herbs from Provence. Perfectly coordinated, the result is a unique taste experience made up of sweet, bitter, spicy and full-bodied.

Lav'a Belle Apéritif the lavender liqueur for every occasion and consists of only the best, hand-picked ingredients.

In addition to organic lavender from France, fine notes of rosemary, thyme and over 40 other herbs caress the palate, bourbon vanilla and citrus fruits round off the taste experience and take you straight to French Provence and the Côte d'Azur. Produced with care and love in Germany.

Tastes neat, as a spritz with sparkling wine, as a spritzer with water or tonic, as a sour, in gin & tonic and in many other combinations.

## Recipes ##

Lavander Gin & Tonic

The lavender variant for all lovers of gin & tonics. The combination of juniper, lavender, herbs de Provence, vanilla and fine citrus notes, rounded off with a dash of tonic, results in a fine, tart treat in a glass that is second to none. Since the lavender liqueur has its own sweetness, you can and should be a little more economical with the tonic than with the normal gin & tonic.


Roughly equal parts Gin, Lav'a Belle and Tonic, depending on which Gin you use.


To pamper your nose, you can put fresh rosemary and/or thyme sprigs in your glass. With more earthy gins you can conjure up a little extra freshness with a dash of lime, while with citrus-heavy gins you can increase the Lav'a Belle proportion a little.


Lav'a Belle Spritz

The absolute classic and suitable for every occasion, the Lav'a Belle Spritz. The lavender and herbal notes are particularly harmonious in this variant and immediately take you to the savoir-vivre of southern France.


Simply pour the desired amount of Lav'a Belle on ice cubes in a wine glass with the same amount of sparkling wine or Prosecco and add a splash of sparkling mineral water, done. No frills.


Experiment with different types of sparkling wine to find out what your personally perfect Lav'a Belle Spritz looks like. And try whether you would like to add a touch of Côte d'Azur to the glass with a small splash of fresh lemon juice. If you like it a little stronger, you can add a shot of gin or vodka.


Lav'a Belle Sour

The lavender sour with Lav'a Belle is the definition of the lavender drink. Creamy, full-bodied with herbal notes straight from Provence. Always shake well, as this is the only way for the flavors to develop fully.


8 cl Lav'a Belle

2 cl fresh lemon juice

1 cl fresh lime juice

2 cl sugar syrup

half an egg white or protein powder

First shake all the ingredients in the shaker for a few seconds without ice cubes, then shake properly a second time with ice cubes and then strain into a tumbler glass with fresh ice cubes.

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