The former armory at Burg Karneid near Bozen in South Tyrol still produces real grenades today: wines with a strong character. The Pitzner Brothers manage a total of 5 hectares in various individual locations. Pitzner is a small winery that plays by the rules of nature.


We see wine as a work of art and as food for the senses. That's why we work herbicide-free in the vineyard and follow the cycle of nature. We care for them with devotion, harvest their fruits and give back any excess. It is the attentiveness that determines our work in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. Honest winemakers, honest wines.

the brothers

Markus & Thomas Puff, forever-youngs, epicureans, humorous contemporaries, from Bolzano South Tyrol. More precisely: cardoon. The two took over the business from father Martin in 2014 and have been making wines that are drinkable and delicious ever since. No ifs and buts. With a whistle. Yes.

6 layers, 6 hectares

It could be easier making wine. But the challenge of getting the best out of every single situation is what drives the Puff brothers every day. In the cellar in Kardaun, a total of 45,000 bottles are produced each year, which have one thing above all: strength of character.

Pitzner's sites have one thing in common: healthy, middle-aged vines, well-nourished soil and a special microclimate. The well-ventilated hillsides ensure vital vines, while the considerable temperature difference between day and night in the summer months promotes the formation of aromas in the grapes. The sandy, weathered porphyry soils with moraine deposits, on the other hand, produce an elegant and juicy type of wine with spicy notes.

Winery Pitzner

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