More regional is not possible...

100% home

Fine grapes meet noble apples, combined with aromatic quince, a touch of rhubarb, the delicate acidity of currants and extracts from regional herbs, the result is an interplay of the best products from our homeland.

100% natural

We keep our hands off any additives and flavors. Also, our standard apple trees have seen no pesticides and no fertilizers. More natural is not possible.

Drink and do good at the same time.

Orchards are an important cultural area, food source and home for up to 5000 animal species. They are, so to speak, the rainforest of Europe. If no one takes care of these green areas, they will gradually disappear from the scene. By enjoying PICA PICA you make these areas worth preserving. Help us to preserve these wonderful areas in the long term!


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