The Wild Boys Of Club Batonnage

The Austrian red wine Cuvée Batonnage from Burgenland has written wine history: The Falstaff Magazin, the most important wine magazine in Austria, awarded the Batonnage 2015 with the best possible 100 points. No wine has ever received this highest score!

It all started with a legendary blind tasting by the five friends Markus Altenburger, Florian Gayer, Gerhard Kracher, Erich Scheiblhofer and Christian Tschida in 2000. That night the "Club Batonnage" was launched. Detached from the often high-minded conventions of the wine world, these 5 musketeers of good taste meet the medium of wine with relaxed ease.

Bâtonnage is the stirring of the yeast deposits during winemaking and is therefore a more than appropriate label for a group of vinophile revolutionaries, which some people may be suspicious of as rebels. Because the five winegrowers bring movement to the Austrian wine scene and the name Batonnage whispers through the Austrian public interested in wine.

For the first time 100 Falstaff points for a red wine from Austria: Batonnage 2015.

Premiers Crus from Bordeaux had to wait in line.

The Wild Boys of Club Batonnage

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