Winery Peter Sölva

Being a family business for generations gives the Sölva family the incentive not to forget this name and to use it for their wines with a special style. The special choice of grape varieties, uncompromising quality goals in the vineyard and cellar and the use of dried berries do justice to this family name and document their origin.

That's what the Falstaff says...

"The Peter Sölva winery is one of the oldest wineries in the wine village of Caldaro. In addition to the varietal wines, there is a selection line and the top line »Amistar«. In some years there is also a limited edition, in which the best barriques are bottled. Uncompromising Care in the vineyard and cellar form the basis for these top wines. In the selection line "DeSilva" we find varietal wines whose grapes come from particularly old vines. The winery also has its own vinotheque attached. Located in the picturesque Goldgasse in the heart of Kaltern, In addition to the estate's own wines, grappas and a brandy from our own production as well as various olive oils and fine Italian antipasti are offered.

Rating: "You absolutely have to go there!"

Winery Peter Sölva

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