Matching wine and food is the goal of food pairing. An expression that comes from the sommelier world.

There are countless rules for the right food and wine pairing, all of which make sense, but can be overwhelming overall - and:

"Rules are there to be broken."

Red wine with fish, does that go well or is it still a no go?

White wine with fish and red wine with meat ...... that was once ..... and: simply too general!

It always depends on the structure and style of the wine. There are light, fruity red wines - and not just one type of red wine! Likewise with white wines.

AND: 75% of all types of cheese harmonize better with white wine!

The tannins in red wine often compete with the acids and proteins in cheese in such a way that both sides lose out. a variety of white wines with residual sugar, fruit and acid offer more flexibility!


Are you looking for the right wine? No problem ... please contact us.

As a little help for you, we have assigned all our wines to the appropriate dishes and culinary directions ... but: the world of wine is diverse!

Drink what you like and dare to try bolder experiments. It's like this at the end of the day: You can never lose - no matter how it turns out, you'll be one experience richer.


Oh I see ....

"So if you don't want to take champagne - by far the most food-friendly wine - or Grüner Veltliner, the second friendliest, you should open two bottles or a bottle and a half ... or accept the imperfect." (Aldo Sohm)

Wine & Dine - Food Pairing

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