Franchetti revives Mount Etna.

Although he - trained in Bordeaux as an oenologist and agronomist - comes from Tuscany and already owns the very successful Tenuta di Trinoro winery in Maremma, the former actor, restaurateur and wine importer Andrea Franchetti, who comes from Rome, is one of the fathers of oenological renewal in the etc.

After extensive experiments, the brilliant and energetic all-rounder on the northern slope of the Sicilian volcano launched another company at high altitude in 2000, which he simply named after the municipality of Passopisciaro that surrounds him.

Ever since it was founded, Andrea has been using the originally fallow potential of the very old vineyards, which are particularly in need of care and are partly laid out in terraces. As a role model, the dynamic winemaker set the direction for many other winegrowers who, after him, have invested in the specific terroir on Europe's most active volcano.

The grapes ripen at an altitude of more than 800 meters above sea level. Andrea Franchetti carries out an intensive green harvest and selects only the best grapes for the subsequent harvest. After fermentation, the winemaker expands the Passopisciaro Franchetti in French oak.

In terms of structure and elegance, Andrea Franchetti's wines set standards. The taste of the fine wines reflects the different climatic conditions, soils and altitudes of the up to 1,000 meter high locations on Mount Etna.

A very large temperature gradient between day and night, in addition to the mineral-rich subsoil consisting of lava and ash residues, give the wines of Passopisciaro their special character.

Tenuta di Trinoro-Passopisciaro

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