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It doesn't matter whether it's modern pan-Asian Asian fusion cuisine or classic national cuisine from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, India or a region in China:
For example, Germany and Austria have the right one for all dishes
to offer wine pairings.

The powerful Grüner Veltliner turns out to be the most universal food accompaniment. Due to its full, balanced body with strength and finesse, it is the congenial accompaniment to a variety of Asian dishes from a wide variety of cuisines.

Fruity wines such as Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc are particularly suitable for starters. Occasionally a hint of residual sweetness is needed for harmony
advantageous. Chardonnays aged in barriques can be combined very well with hearty meat and fish dishes.

And of course the increasingly popular red wines from Germany and Austria are a real enrichment for every Asian menu, if you think about the fact that particularly intensively spiced dishes need a lot of fruit, but only tolerate moderate tannins.

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When selecting wines for raw fish dishes, it is important to ensure that
the wines are young and not too alcohol-heavy. Lively white wines with a slight acidity and a delicate fruity aroma or young, elegant red wines. Food and wine should complement each other and not trump each other.

White wines with too aggressive acid (Riesling) or too dominant taste (strong Traminer), wines with residual sugar or wines aged in barriques (strong Chardonnay) are not suitable at all, even older wines are usually too flavorful. Wines that are too heavy destroy the finesse of raw fish dishes, and the fine aromas are no longer perceptible.

Asian cuisine - Sushi & Co.

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