Saar winery Weber brothers

How it all started...

Viticulture has been part of everyday life for the Weber family for many generations. For the Weber brothers, it was the Wiltingen grandparents who brought their “passion for working in the vineyards” closer to them in their early years. Even as children, they looked forward to autumn, which not only rewarded them with sweet grapes for their work during the year, but also brought family and friends together to celebrate the beginning of a new season with them.

Unfortunately, the professional career of the parents did not allow the development of the wines in time, which is why they cherished the legacy of their grandparents in their youth, but did not pursue the actual wine production any further. However, they were aware early on that this would only be the "status quo" temporarily, because the brothers had to continue their devotion to wine (especially Saar Riesling :) ) again and again.

In order to turn their hobby into a profession, even their vocation, they both began studying oenology at the Geisenheim University. Their different focal points quickly merged into a whole (international wine industry/viticulture and oenology), so that in 2011 they bottled their first wine, a dry and semi-dry Riesling.

Highly motivated by the rapid sale of their wine and by numerous compliments, they invested most of their free time in expanding the vineyard area. In 2012, they succeeded in producing two more expressive Rieslings (Purist/Diabas dry) and bottling them in the "Saarweingut Weber Brüder" in 2013. One thing led to another, so that they currently farm around three hectares in Wiltingen and the surrounding area, which they will expand over the next few years.

The work in the vineyard and cellar is close to nature. So no herbicides are used in the vineyard, but small sheep graze the understock area freely. The wines are fermented with natural yeasts and no deacidification takes place. This is how beautiful "Spontis" are created.

In the "VINUM Weinguide Deutschland 2018" the Saar winery Weber Brüder was named climber of the year.

Saar winery Weber brothers

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