Reading farm Stagård - 501

Maximum quantity available reached.

95 Falstaff points! Strong Riesling from the Kremstal with aging potential.

The 500 stands for the capacity, the 1 for the first wooden barrel. This is made of oak and was already in use elsewhere before it was used at the Lesehof - they wanted to use the micro-oxidation of the barrel without getting a wood tone in the wine.

The grapes for the 501 were harvested late and come from the best vineyards. Spontaneously fermented, the wine is stored in wood until bottling, where it accumulates depth and concentration, exotic fruit aromas and salty notes.

Feigns lightness, playfulness, but woe betide when let loose.

Self-sufficient character, somehow: pleasantly different. A diamond in the rough that time will make shine.

An investment that pays off. 100 per!!

Grape variety : 100% Riesling
Vintage: 2018
Analytical Profile: Alcohol: 13.5% vol. ; acid: 5.9 g/l ; Residual sugar: 1.4 g/l
drinking temperature:

10°C - 12°C

Be sure to decant ;-)

Eye: Light green yellow
Nose: Fruity aromas of apple, passion fruit and delicate notes of brioche come to the fore.
Taste: The palate is ensnared by its salty structure, its crisp acidity and delicate minerality.
Expansion: 500L wooden barrel - After a full 23 months in the wood, the Riesling has sufficient depth and concentration.
quality level: Quality wine, dry, organic
Enjoyment: Duck & goose, fish & crustaceans, poultry, veal, cheese, lamb, beef and everything your heart desires!

Falstaff (2018) - 94 - 96 points

Gault Millau - 19 points


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